Vista Oaks Owner’s Association

Glenda Rutten, President
Steve Marple, Vice President
Rain Singingwolf, Secretary
Suman Casey, Treasurer
Pat Cassidy, Director
Greg Hogue, Director
Steve Garcia, Director
Savannah Olson, Director
Brent Portwood, Director

Members of the Board of Directors serve as volunteers and respectfully request that you first contact FirstService Residential with your HOA questions.
Professionally Managed by FirstService Residential Austin

PO Box 342585
Austin, TX 78734

Phone: (512) 266-6771

Fax: (512) 266-6791

Community Manager
Teffani Davis

Assistant Community Manager
Brooke Parrish>

Architectural Review
(for questions about making modifications to the exterior of your home)

(for questions about your HOA account)

General Information, Amenity Center & Pool Information
(for general questions about your Owners Association, Reservations and Pool Keys)