Texas Gas Service and other utility operators are getting hammered this year with hit line incidents. From January 1st to present date, our lines have been hit 265 times throughout the state and over 140 have been from no notification made to the one call center. Since we are on the 94th day of the year, it is about 1.5 hits per day.  Homeowners and work such as landscaping, irrigation and fencing have become a large contributor.

As we are all home for the next couple of weeks, home projects will get underway.   Per state and federal laws homeowners are required to “Call 811 Before You Dig”.  Our biggest concern is safety for the families in our communities.   Unreported damages today and cause issues later on.

Anything that can be done to promote safety is greatly appreciated.  Attached are two flyers one in English and the second in Spanish that can be distributed to your clients and newsletters.  They can be used on websites, newsletters and chat conversations.  Please feel free to share with your fellow agents.