Update 5/2/2018 – The Vista Oaks Community Pool is scheduled to reopen Saturday May 5th. The much-needed maintenance work to the pool and surrounding areas is complete. The pool will be refilled, cleaned and ready to be open on Saturday.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

The Vista Oaks Community Pool and Amenity Center will be closed starting Friday, April 13 through Wednesday, May 2 to make some much needed repairs to the pool.

The Community Pool and the area including the clubhouse, bathrooms and playground will be closed while repairs to the pool will be taking place starting this Friday, April 13th.

The repairs are projected to be completed by May 2nd, weather permitting.

The repairs to the pool are extensive and needed to preserve the functionality of the pool and the overall safety to swimmers.

Areas of repairs needed include

  • Draining all water in the pool,
  • pressure washing all pool surfaces removing any loose plaster,
  • adding bonding coat and plaster which will require several days to cure for each application,
  • replace main drain with new sump,
  • install expansion joints around the pool perimeter,
  • replace all filter media and water.

For safety purposes, the entire area will need to be closed to residents as the pool will be completely drained for a majority of the duration of the construction including chemicals used in preserving the pool will be present.

Residents who have reserved the Clubhouse between April 13th through May 2nd will need to reschedule their event as all reservations have been cancelled and no new reservations will be accepted.

As the project does rely on climate, this time was the earliest the project could start. The Board voted for the repairs to be done as soon as the weather would permit and before the busy season had begun.

This article will be updated as new information and new estimations of completion are given.